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Prosper Eagles PHS Cross Country

XC Scoring

Scoring or “We came! We ran!? How did we do?”

Cross Country is a true team sport. Every person on the team has an effect on the team’s outcome. You can compare team scoring in cross country to the game of golf: low score wins. Times do not affect team scores (usually). Typically, each varsity and junior varsity team can run between seven and ten runners (sometimes more).

The majority of the races we go to have race bibs for each athlete. On the bib is a chip that gets their finishing time electronically. For example, the first finisher gets #1, the second #2, etc… The places of the first five runners from a team are added together to compute the team score. The sixth and seventh runners on the varsity and all the additional runners on the JV serve to “bump” an opposing team’s score higher by finishing ahead of the opposing runners.

Team A Team B
1 2 1
2 3 4
3 5 6
4 7 8
5 12 9
Score 29 28
6 13 10 “Bumps” Team A’s 5th runner
7 14 11

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Term Definition
Cross Country: Team sport involving running over varied terrain.
Duel Meet: A meet between two teams. In Texas we rarely have these.
False Start: Runner leaving the starting line early. Starter will return all runners to the line for a restart.
Finish Chute: The roped-off area at the finish, through which runners are directed in order to establish place in a race. (You should stay away from this area unless you are helping with the meet)
State Meet: The last meet of the season. 16 of the best teams in the state race compete for the State Title.
NXN: The National Championship individual race at the end of season.
Invetational: A meet between multiple numbers of teams. All of our races except District, Regionals and State are Invitational.
Pace: Rate of speed maintained over a prolonged distance. Normally we are trying to run at the same pace over the entire race.
Personal Record (PR): Best performance time on a specific course or overall for an athletes’ career. The best they have ever done.
Racing Flat or Spikes: A lightweight shoe designed primarily for racing.
Staring box, gate, lane: Designated area to which a team is assigned for the start of a race.
Surge: A gradual or sudden increase in speed as a tactical move in a race.
Warm Down/Cool Down: Exercises and running through which the body is physically returned to a pre-running state.
Warm Up: Exercises and running through which the body is physically prepared prior to racing or working out.